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music gear review: 5 mics for under $200

Choosing mics for your ensemble can be a confusing task. What is the ideal microphone for use with vocals? How about a decent mic for the bass drum? What about miking guitar cabinets? In hopes of simplifying this process, we've outlined a few affordable (and reliable) choices in microphones based on some common worship applications. Enjoy!


Shure SM58


Recommended Use: Vocals (singing and speech)

Description: With decades of history behind it, it's no wonder that the Shure SM58 is a leader in live sound reinforcement. A unidirectional cardioid dynamic microphone, the SM58 is great for indoor or outdoor use.





Shure SM57


Recommended Use: Instrument Amps (especially guitar amps), Snare Drums, Wind Instruments

Description: A ruggedly-designed microphone, the Shure SM57 is a must-have microphone for both live and studio applications. While primarily used for miking guitar cabinets and snare drums, the SM57 can also be used with woodwind and brass instruments.





Shure SM81

Price: $349.97

Recommended Use: Drum Overheads, Choirs, Strings, Wind Instruments

Description: Ok, we lied. The title should've read "Four Mics for Under $200 (and I slightly more expensive one)"...our bad. While a little pricier than the previous two microphones, the Shure SM81 is a great choice for ensembles in need of quality drum overheads. Extremely versatile, the SM81 is a cardioid condenser mic that can also be used for miking choirs, acoustic guitars, strings, or wind instruments (requires phantom power).




Shure Beta 52

Price: $189.97

Recommended Use: Bass Drums

Description: With a frequency response of 20Hz to 10kHz, the supercardiod pickup pattern of the Shure Beta 52 is an ideal microphone for miking bass drums (and other bass instruments). Giving bass drums presence in the mix, the Shure Beta 52 is also ruggedly designed, making it perfect for live sound and studio applications.





Audix i5

Price: $99.97

Recommended Use: Guitar Amps, Winds, Snare Drums

Description: Another extremely versatile microphone, the Audix i5 is also a great choice for miking guitar cabinets, snare drums, congas, toms, and just about any other instrument you'll encounter. A dynamic microphone, the cardioid response pattern makes the Audix i5 an ideal choice for live sound environments.




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