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music gear review: powered speakers & monitors

Faced with a mobile situation, many contemporary worship bands use powered speakers and monitors in their PA system. Highly portable, great sounding, and typically built to hand the abuse that comes with load-ins and load-outs, powered speakers and monitors are a great choice for bands that require flexibility in their live sound setup.

Powered Speakers and Monitors for Church PA SystemsSince they've got power amplifier(s) built in, using powered speakers and/or monitors eliminates the need for an additional component in the PA system, in addition to the extra cabling using separate power amps and speakers might require.

Shown below are 5 popular powered speakers/monitors. Interchangeable, the speakers shown below can be used as front of house speakers, monitors, or both depending on the application.



Price: $689.99

Key Features: Built In 3-Channel Mixer, 450 Watts, Multi-Angle Enclosure

Description: One of the most popular powered speaker lines, the EON series by JBL is known for its durability, ease of use, and flexible capability. With a 15" woofer and a 1" compression driver, the JBL EON 515 is a great choice for use as a front of house speaker, or as a monitor for more demanding applications.





Mackie SRM 350v2


Key Features: Bi-Amplified, Pole Mountable, EQ

Description: Also known for its durability and rugged design, the Mackie SRM350v2 is a great choice for use as a powered monitor, or as a front of house speaker in a smaller worship setting. Using a 10" woofer and a titanium compression driver, the Mackie SRM250v2 is a great choice for small stages and sanctuaries.





Yamaha MSR100


Key Features: 100 Watts, Built-In EQ, Four Inputs

Description: A great choice for worship bands that need a versatile and compact speaker system, the Yamaha MSR100 features a 8" woofer and a 1" titanium compression driver.

Since it has a built in mixer and power amp, the Yamaha MSR100 is a great choice for worship ensembles that would like to hook a CD player, MP3 player, microphone, keyboard, or other audio inputs directly to the speaker, thus eliminating the need for a mixer (this is only in an option in SMALL worship environments). In addition, the Yamaha MSR100 is a great choice for use as a floor monitor for small worship settings.





Price: $549.00

Key Features: 280 Watts, Highly Portable, 3-Channel Mixer

Description: Sharing the same reliability and portability benefits as the JBL EON 515, the JBL EON 510 features a 10" low-frequency driver and a 1" compression driver.

Typically used as a stage monitor, the JBL EON 510 can also be used as a front of house speaker for less-demanding live sound settings. In addition, the EON 510 (like the 515) can easily be daisy chained, making it a great choice who need flexibility in their speaker/monitor configurations.




Mackie SRM450v2


Key Features: Lightweight Design (40 lbs), 300W LF/100W HF amplifiers, EQ

Description: A highly versatile speaker, the Mackie SRM450v2 is a great choice for worship bands that need a reliable and rugged front of house speaker (or a great sounding monitor).

Pole-mountable, the SRM250v2 is a bi-amplified powered speaker that uses Mackie's famed phase-correction, electronic time alignment, and EQ technologies. Great for reproducing low and high frequencies, the Mackie SRM450v2 is a great choice for the contemporary worship setting.




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