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and if our god is for us... - chris tomlin

Rating: Glory Revealed II album review - 4 stars

A follow-up to 2008's Hello Love, Chris Tomlin's latest release, And If Our God is For Us... is chock-full of songs that could easily be used in a variety of worship settings. While the song "Our God" has been in rotation on the radio and available for download for some time now, there are several other tracks worth checking on this solid release.

"All to Us" is perhaps our favorite track on the album, and the lyrics are highly suitable for use in an Advent service, or any context where mission is the focus. Full of contrast, the musical ebb and flow of "All to Us" is as powerful as the lyrics, and the possibility to include a choir in the track means that the applications are numerous.

Likewise, other worship-friendly tracks on the album include "I Will Follow" (with an interesting percussion arrangement), "Majesty of Heaven" (for electronica fans), and "Lovely" (highly singable). While each of these tracks seems to have the signature squeaky-clean production that is typical of most Christian artists, the works themselves are easily adaptable to a variety of musical settings (acoustic worship or blow-the-doors-off full band instrumentation).

That being said, musically-speaking, Tomlin keeps things pretty safe on If Our God Is For Us..., with the exception being that some of the tracks use electronic percussion as a nice contrast to traditional instrumentation, and string arrangements provide some additional depth. However, the use of tired metaphors such as "like a rolling stone, like a runaway train" needs to be approached with caution, and the lack of corporate language in a few of the songs (i.e. the favoring of me/I instead of we/us) means they'll be perhaps unusable for some settings and/or congregations.

On the flipside of things, the fact that the album is musically accessible to a wide audience means that, in typical fashion, Tomlin has produced another record which is sure to find its way into heavy rotation on the airwaves and in churches across the globe.


worship-ready tracks: COMING SOON!



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