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worship music review: attention - kristian stanfill

Rating: Attention - Kristian Stanfill review

Released on sixstepsmusic, Kristian Stanfill's debut album "Attention" is a solid entrance into the world of Christian rock. With opening tracks "Alive and Running" and "Kingdom" starting things off in an upbeat/guitar heavy manner, the album maintains a consistent guitar-driven (and sometimes overdriven) rock feel throughout.

While not terribly adventurous musically (and at times musically and lyrically repetitive), "Attention" does maintain a great message throughout. As many of the tracks deal with the topics of evangelism, especially "Go," "Kingdom," and "Alive and Running") the album features several songs that could work nicely in a worship service. In addition, the language on the album reflects (for the most part) a group mentality, something that works well for the worship service environment.

While accessible on many levels (vocal range, repetitive lyrics, straight-forward instrumentation), these elements also add up to make the album fairly typical sounding for the genre. Is it a bad album? Absolutely not. But, like many albums of the genre, the songs tend to blend together (aside for a single or two), and in turn the album tends to blend in with the rest of the Christian pop/rock scene.

While tracks like "Beautiful Jesus" and "Lord of All" are sure to garner some attention, the rest of the album tends to fall to the background to some extent. Regardless, this debut album offers a glimpse of the good things to come from Mr. Stanfill.

worship-ready tracks:

The worship-ready tracks for "Attention" are:

Beautiful Jesus: MP3 | Sheet Music
Lord of All: MP3
Kingdom: MP3

We've loaded these tracks into our handy-dandy player to the left...check out a free preview and/or download great worship music!


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