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worship music review: come alive - mark schultz

Rating: Glory Revealed II album review - 4 stars

His first studio album in 3 years, Come Alive is a diverse, well-rounded effort from artist Mark Schultz. From the driving rock of songs "All Has Been Forgiven" and "Grace Amazing," to the gospel-choir backed "Love Has Come," Come Alive is a solid release with numerous songs that could be easily included your contemporary worship service.

Using rich string orchestration on many tracks, Come Alive also features Switchfoot-esque guitar riffs on the song "All Has Been Forgiven." Schultz also seems to favor contrasting a syncopated feel against a straight ahead rock feel throughout the album.

This technique is especially obvious in the chorus of "Grace Amazing," where the rhythm section plays a syncopated groove for the first half of the chorus, before falling into a traditional rock feel for the second half. As a result, Shultz avoids the monotonous feel that the extended chorus might otherwise have.

While there are several songs that might integrate easily into your contemporary worship service, the lyrics of "What It Means to Be Loved" and "Closer Than I've Ever Been" seem more autobiographical in nature, meaning they might be tough to include in a service unless used as an offering, or as special music. On the whole, however, the album is rich in lyrics that would work well for group singing in corporate worship.

worship-ready tracks:


The worship-ready tracks for "Come Alive" are:

Love Has Come: Mark Schultz - Come Alive - Love Has Come

Grace Amazing: Mark Schultz - Come Alive - Grace Amazing

All Has Been Forgiven: Mark Schultz - Come Alive - All Has Been Forgiven

We've loaded these tracks into our handy-dandy player to the left...check out a free preview of some great worship music!


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