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worship music review: hello love - chris tomlin

Rating: Hello Love - Chris Tomlin album review

Ah, the awkward position you find yourself in when reviewing a Christian rock album that you're not necessarily wild about. While Chris Tomlin manages to stay on message lyrically in "Hello Love," the album lacks inspiration on a musical level. While some might call this a "mature" album, the simple truth is that regardless of musical form, the melodies on this album just aren't as infectious as on previous releases.

While a listener would be hard-pressed to find a song on 2004's "Arriving" that wouldn't be easily adaptable for the average worship band, the last two releases by Tomlin ("See the Morning" & "Hello Love") have been less and less accessible on the congregational level for most churches, and less exciting to the ears of many listeners.

As far as accessibility is concerned, the extensive orchestration on "God Almighty" and the beautiful Watoto Children''s choir on "Love" serve as a a great example of stuff that works on the album - but perhaps not in your church. Additionally, "I Will Rise" is a great tune for Easter Sunday, but the syncopated rhythms might prove difficult to sing in a large group (a soloist might be able to sing it without problem, however).

That's not to say they're aren't several singles on "Hello Love" - we're sure your radio will be pumping out a steady stream of Mr. Tomlin's music until the next (and the next, and the next) album by Christian rock's wonder-boy is released. To this end, we've listed some "worship-ready" tracks below; songs that have the magic formula of lyrical relevance, melodic interest, and intuitive form that make them a winner for your band and congregation.

So is it the responsibility of an artist to only put out albums that congregations can easily sing? Is it fair to criticize an album based on it's accessibility alone? Absolutely not. But it should be the goal of an artist to put out albums that captivate the listener's ear with original and interesting content throughout, challenging and inspiring the listener both lyrically and musically. In this regard, "Hello Love" misses the mark.

worship-ready tracks:

The worship-ready tracks for "Hello Love" are:

Jesus Messiah: MP3 | Sheet Music
Praise the Father, Praise the Son: MP3 | Sheet Music
Exalted (Yahweh): MP3 | Sheet Music

We've loaded these tracks into our handy-dandy player to the left...check out a free preview of some great worship music!


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