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How Great is Our God: The Essential Collection

Rating: Glory Revealed II album review - 4 stars

In what could have easily been a double-disc compilation of greatest hits, Chris Tomlin's latest release How Great is Our God: The Essential Collection serves as a powerful reminder of the ways in which this artist has faithfully and consistently delivered worship songs that serve to deepen the worship experiences of people across the globe.

As this album features songs that are adaptable, timeless, and singable, the issue is perhaps not what tracks have been included on the album, but what Tomlin left off - songs such as "Not to Us," "Your Grace is Enough," How Can I Keep From Singing," " "Praise the Father, Praise the Son," "Exalted (Yahweh)" and "Everlasting God" are notably missing. However, their absence certainly does not detract from the songs that are included on How Great is Our God: The Essential Collection. What you'll find here is a solid release filled with worship-ready songs.

We've included links via Amazon and iTunes for the entire album below, as these songs largely work in contemporary worship settings as is. That being said, a few tracks stand out on this solid release:

How Great is Our God [World Edition]

How Great Is Our God (World Edition) - How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection | How Great Is Our God - Sheet Music (Digital Download)

This track would work great for Pentecost as a musical offering, or perhaps as a soundtrack to an original sermon clip/worship video. Other versions of this song are also accessible to play, but this album cut is powerful in a new way. Congregations would do well to explore the multitude of ways in which this recording could be utilized inside of the worship service. Additionally, the original album version (track 15) works well for congregational singing in a variety of worship settings.


Forever - How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection | Forever Sheet Music (Digital Download)

This new recording starts out with percussive feel that culminates in the full band playing the chorus - this arrangement serves to deliver a powerful start to a familiar and faithful classic. While there is not anything incredibly new here, biggest takeaway is that this song is versatile enough that it could work for a variety of worship settings and instrumental configurations. It's highly singable, and the theme of God's faithfulness occurs numerous times throughout the lectionary.

We Fall Down

We Fall Down - How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection | We Fall Down - Sheet Music (Digital Download)

New recording with nice piano work and orchestration at the beginning. We Fall Down would work well for Christ the King Sunday, or perhaps during Lent. The cello parts between verses are a nice touch - perhaps there is room for this song to work with a more classically-inclined ensemble - piano, strings, vocals and some light percussion would almost be enough. Guitars obviously work well also, but this version highlights the depth that tasteful orchestration can lend to this old favorite.

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection | Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Sheet Music (Digital Download)

Nice take on a classic - while remaking hymns isn't always the best idea, this version is tastefully done. The chorus works well musically, is easy to sing, and seems like an extension of the song that should've been there all along. This recording of Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) primarily features guitar and piano, but the song would work well with a full ensemble also.


Enough - How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection | Sheet Music Coming Soon!

Has potential to work well for readings that invoke baptismal imagery, or perhaps on a Sunday where someone is actually being baptized. Originally released on 2002's Not to Us, this song is straight-forward and singable - it could also work for Christ the King Sunday.


Download Album MP3: How Great is Our God: The Essential Collection

How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection - Chris Tomlin





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