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sermon & preaching resources for sunday, november 8

sermon and preaching resourcesMark 10:17-31: My church is in the middle of stewardship season right now. I am recycling the reading from a few weeks ago to talk specifically about money this week.

Money is one of Jesus’ favorite topics to talk about in the Gospels, second only to the Kingdom of God. Jesus is direct about it—his Church ought to be, too. These are times for courage, dear pastors.

The rich young ruler’s question is wrong: “What must I do?” That’s Jesus’ point in response, isn’t it? The ruler can do nothing—Jesus does everything. Achieving eternal life is not a matter of personal achievement. His thinking is all wrong—that’s what Jesus is trying to snap him out of. Jesus also tells this man who has everything that he lacks one thing.

Imagine having it all and being told you are lacking… Imagine, we who have McMansions and two+ cars, we who have flat screen tvs and food that goes to waste in the fridge... The rich young ruler did not own his wealth—it owned him. His hands were too full to receive the gift God had for him.

This is the only person Jesus ever tells to go and sell all that he has. Selling all that we have is not required of all Christians. We need not give up everything we have. The problem, though, is have we ever given up anything for the sake of Jesus’ kingdom? Have we ever really sacrificed anything let alone everything?

Jesus looks at him and loves him, we are told. Jesus says hard words to him in love. Can we talk about what love demands? What love requires? Love demands our giving not just our having?

The story concludes with Jesus telling us to “rejoice.” Why? Why does Jesus leave us this way rather than “feel guilty.” What was the good news we just heard?