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worship music for sunday, december 6

Contemporary Worship MusicUsing Luke 3:1-6 as our main text this week, we'll also include some of the "refining" themes from Malachi 3:1-4. As we draw closer and closer to Christmas Eve, we'll be adding a few traditional songs/hymns to the mix, in addition to including some contemporary Advent & Christmas songs.

This week, for example, we'll include "Prepare the Royal Highway" into our service, as the readings tend to lend themselves to themes of traveling/journey, in addition to those of repentance and refining. "O Come, Emmanuel" is another great song to include in your service, as is "People Look East." If you've got some die-hard Lutherans in your congregation, it never hurts to throw in a good 'ol hymn during the Christmas, Advent, Lent, and Easter weeks.

As with most traditional hymns, it may be necessary to revise the chords that the band will be playing (typically eliminating a few) in order to make the songs sound a bit less "choppy" when played by guitar. Be creative, and take advantage of the opportunity to include a few traditional songs into your contemporary worships service!

As such, below are the top 10 worship songs for this Sunday. If you're looking for some additional song recommendations based on these themes, make sure you check out the searchable Song Index.



top 10 worship songs for sunday, december 6

1. The Glory of It All
- David Crowder Band


David Crowder Band - Remedy - The Glory of It All | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

2. All Who Are Thirsty - Kutless


Kutless - Strong Tower - All Who Are Thirsty| Sheet Music (Digital Download)

3. Salvation - Charlie Hall


Charlie Hall - Porch and Altar - Salvation | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

4. Remembrance (Communion Song) - Matt Redman


Matt Redman - We Shall Not Be Shaken - Remembrance (Communion Song) | Sheet Music Coming Soon!

5. Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman


Matt Redman - Here I Am to Worship - Blessed Be Your Name | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

6. Prophet Song - Delirious


Delirious - Cutting Edge - Prophet Song | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

7. Grace Tells Another Story - MercyMe


MercyMe - All That Is Within Me - Grace Tells Another Story | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

8. People Get Ready - Jeff Beck


Jeff Beck - Best of Jeff Beck - People Get Ready | Sheet Music Coming Soon!

9. When You Call My Name - Vineyard UK


Vineyard UK - Surrender - When You Call My Name | Sheet Music Coming Soon!

10. Walk the World - Charlie Hall


Charlie Hall - The Bright Sadness - Walk the World | Sheet Music (Digital Download)



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