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worship music for sunday, june 21

Working off of the readings for this week (Job 38:1-11, 2 Corinthians 6:1-13, Mark 4:35-41), I'm going to be incorporating the following musical themes into the service: guidance, faith, grace, God's power, trust, and God's presence. Themes of comfort also work, as you'll see from the list of the top 10 worship songs for this Sunday.

"Praise You In This Storm" by Casting Crowns might be a somewhat obvious choice for this week, although the song isn't super-friendly in the congregational sense. Slipping it in as an offertory might be an option, depending on the comfort level of your congregation with somewhat challenging music.

I'm also playing around with a longer/different arrangement of "Whole World in His Hands" by Tim Hughes. I like the recorded version, but I'm thinking of adding a guitar solo and some brass to the mix in order to give the song a little more contrast, in addition to lengthening it out a bit. Depending on the sermon theme, there is also the possibility of tying in some baptism stuff with the stormy waters that the disciples seem to find themselves in...

As this Sunday is also Father's Day, there are some obvious tie-ins that your service might require...depending on the sermon and theme of the service, songs with guidance, trust, and presence themes could work here as well.

If you're looking for some additional song recommendations based on these themes, make sure you check out the searchable Song Index.



top 10 worship songs for sunday, june 21

1. The Glory of It All
- David Crowder Band


David Crowder Band - Remedy - The Glory of It All | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

2. This is Our God- Chris Tomlin

Charlie Hall - SendingDownloads:

Chris Tomlin - The Noise We Make - This Is Our God

3. Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns


Casting Crowns - Lifesong - Praise You In This Storm | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

4. You Never Let Go - Matt Redman


Matt Redman - Beautiful News (Bonus Track) - You Never Let Go | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

5. Beautiful Jesus - Kristian Stanfill


Kristian Stanfill - Attention - Beautiful Jesus | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

6. God With Us - MercyMe


MercyMe - All That Is Within Me - God With Us | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

7. How Can I Keep From Singing - Chris Tomlin


Chris Tomlin - See the Morning - How Can I Keep from Singing | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

8. Word of God Speak - MercyMe


MercyMe - Spoken For - Word of God Speak | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

9. By Your Side - Tenth Avenue North


Tenth Avenue North - Over and Underneath (Bonus Video Version) - By Your Side | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

10. Whole World In His Hands - Tim Hughes


Tim Hughes - When Silence Falls - Whole World In His Hands | Sheet Music (Digital Download)



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