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worship music for november 13, 2011 [Pentecost 22A]

Contemporary Worship MusicThis week we'll focus on the reading from 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, while also using some of the themes found in Matthew 25:14-30.

With Advent right around the corner, this week is a great week to start thinking about the extra rehearsals and musicians that the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas may demand. A little preparation now can go a long way once things start to get hectic...

That being said, we'll be focusing on the themes of repentence, in addition to thinking about the ways that we are called to build each other up. Songs that place an emphasis on our daily lives and the importance of faithful living in this life might work well.

Another theme you might incorporate into this week's song selection includes the notion of risk-taking - the ways in which we are called to take risks - "sin boldly" as Luther might suggest, and put your trust in God!

As such, below are the top 10 worship songs for this Sunday. If you're looking for some additional worship song recommendations based on these themes, make sure you check out the searchable Song Index.You can search for contemporary worship songs by theme, title, or artist.



top 10 worship songs for november 13, 2011

1. God of This City
- Chris Tomlin


God Of This City - Hello Love (With Bonus Track) | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

2. Let Everything That Has Breath - Matt Redman


Let Everything That Has Breath - Matt Redman: Ultimate Collection| Sheet Music (Digital Download)

3. Made to Worship - Chris Tomlin


Made to Worship - See the Morning | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

4. Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall


Flying Into Daybreak - Charlie Hall | Sheet Music Coming Soon!

5. Walk the World - Charlie Hall


Walk the World - The Bright Sadness | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

6. Finding Who We Are - Kutless


Finding Who We Are - Strong Tower | Sheet Music Coming Soon!

7. Grace Tells Another Story - MercyMe


Grace Tells Another Story - All That Is Within Me | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

8. House of God - MercyMe


House of God - Almost There | Sheet Music Coming Soon!

9. Lifesong - Casting Crowns


Lifesong - Lifesong | Sheet Music Coming Soon!

10. Now is the Time- Delirious?


The Mission Bell - Delirious | Sheet Music Coming Soon!




a field guide to contemporary worship

Now available for purchase via Augsburg Fortress, A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship is a must-have guide for anyone thinking about starting a contemporary worship service, and an essential reference work for those wondering about the nuts and bolts of instrumentation, arranging, working with microphones and speakers, and much more!

A Field Guide to Contemporary WorshipWritten by a church musician and a pastor who have experienced the joys and challenges of this popular form of worship, A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship provides field-tested ideas and hints and a wealth of illustrations.

In this book you will learn how to form a worship team, how to build a repertoire, how to lead effective rehearsals, the basic of music arrangement and orchestration, how a PA system works, and how to arrange/assemble a sound system (including info on microphones and speakers).

If you've already been so kind as to purchase a copy [thanks, Mom], please make sure you take advantage of the supplementary material to the book found in the "Field Guide Extras" section. You'll find a ton of free contemporary worship resources, including a searchable index of contemporary worship songs organized by theme.

Order A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship (via Augsburg Fortress)