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worship music for sunday, october 18

Contemporary Worship MusicThe readings for this week are: Isaiah 53:4-12, Hebrews 5:1-10, Mark 10:35-45. As such, we'll be focusing on the Epistle reading this week. As we're focusing on the different teams at Cross Road (and perhaps in your church, too), for the next few weeks, this week we'll look for ways to tie the readings to our education team.

Using the reading from Hebrews, we'll be searching for songs that tie in the theme(s) of dependency on God, and education. Primarily, we'll be centering around the idea that true education means a complete and total dependency on God.

As such, below are the top 10 worship songs for this Sunday. If you're looking for some additional song recommendations based on these themes, make sure you check out the searchable Song Index.



top 10 worship songs for sunday, october 18

1. You Are My King (Amazing Love)
- Newsboys


Newsboys - Adoration: The Worship Album - You Are My King (Amazing Love) | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

2. Wholly Yours - David Crowder Band


David Crowder Band - A Collision - Wholly Yours | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

3. Cry in My Heart - Starfield


Starfield - Starfield - Cry in My Heart | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

4. Dancing Generation - Matt Redman


Matt Redman - Facedown - Dancing Generation | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

5. Everything Glorious - David Crowder Band


David Crowder Band - Remedy - Everything Glorious | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

6. I Want to Know You (In the Secret) - Sonic Flood


Sonic Flood - I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, Vol. 2 - I Want to Know You (In the Secret) | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

7. Unfailing Love- Chris Tomlin


Chris Tomlin - Arriving - Unfailing Love | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

8. Whole World In His Hands - Matt Redman


Tim Hughes - When Silence Falls - Whole World In His Hands | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

9. The Glory of It All - David Crowder Band


David Crowder Band - Remedy - The Glory of It All | Sheet Music (Digital Download)

10. Blessed Be Your Name- Matt Redman


Matt Redman - Here I Am to Worship - Blessed Be Your Name | Sheet Music (Digital Download)



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